The Smartum lunch benefit is a personal benefit that can only be used to pay for your own meals. In 2022, the values ​​of Smartum lunch vouchers in circulation are € 8.20, € 10.00, € 10.90 and € 11.30. You can use the voucher to pay for your lunch in full, or pay for part of it with a voucher and the rest using another payment method.

In 2022, the electronic Smartum lunch benefit can be used for €7.15 - €11.30 at a time either with a payment card or with the SmartumPay mobile application. The benefit is available for 18 months from the time the balance is stored. If the meal costs less than €7.15, a minimum amount of €7.15 will be charged to the Smartum account.

If the balance on the account is less than €7.15, the employee cannot use the card or SmartumPay mobile application to pay for a meal. Once more credit is stored on the account, the remaining benefit (below €7.15) can also be used.


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