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Employee: Where can I use the Smartum massage benefit?
Employee: Where can I use the Smartum massage benefit?
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You can use the Smartum Massage benefit in all the massage and physiotherapy venues your employer has chosen as service producers. You can check these places from your employer or our online service. Please note that Smartum Massage benefit can be used for physiotherapy only if your employer has included it. Also note that Smartum Excercise benefit can’t be used for massage or physiotherapy.

SmartumPlus: Where can I use the Smartum massage benefit?

  • If your company has SmartumPlus benefits instead of traditional Smartum benefits (saldo/voucher), you should ask the list of possible massage or physiotherapy service producers from that person in your company, who has the ordering rights of the benefits. The list of the possible massage service producers is not possible to check from online portals such as online service.

    If you are unsure what kind of benefits your comapany has, you can check this in SmartumPay application. Just swipe down the menu bar: if you see a text "SmartumPlus", you now that you have SmartumPlus benefits. You can always ask more information from your employee.


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