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Partner: How to accept Smartum SMS payments
Partner: How to accept Smartum SMS payments

From this article you will find instructions on how to accept Smartum SMS payments.

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1. When the customer has completed the payment by text message, the customer gets a payment verification text message from Smartum in return. This message verifies that the payment made has gone through successfully. The customer then shows this return text message from their mobile phone screen to the cashier. The return text message the customer receives from Smartum serves as a payment receipt that verifies that the payment has been made to your venue.

You should check from the receipt

  • the paid amount and the venue's information

  • name of the payer

  • date and time of the payment

  • the number from which the receipt was received

2. Enter the amount on the receipt to your register as you would with any other payment method. Any exceeding amount should be charged as usual with another payment method.

If the customer has accidentally made a payment by mistake using the Smartum SMS payment method, you can cancel the payment from the Smartum online service. SMS payments and SmartumPay payments are cancelled similarly. SMS payments can only be cancelled within the same day. Smartum will settle the SMS payments directly to your bank account.

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