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Employee: How do I pay with Smartum SMS payment?
Employee: How do I pay with Smartum SMS payment?

In this article, you will find information on how to make a Smartum SMS payment.

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  1. Check the venue SMS payment ID at the venue’s cash desk. You can also find the venue’s SMS payment ID in our venue search by entering the name of the venue.

  2. In the text message field, enter the venue’s SMS PAYMENT ID and the AMOUNT you want to pay. For example, NM4G5 19,90.

  3. Send the information you entered via SMS to +3584573960755. Please make the payment at the venue's cash desk.

  4. Show the received receipt at the venue's cash desk. The receipt shows your name, amount paid, and payment time. The venue's service provider can check the receipt on the phone's screen.

Note: In payment error situations, please contact the venue's service provider immediately. The service provider can cancel the incorrect payment on the same day by logging into Smartum's online service. Please pay extra attention when making the payment, because it is usually settled with the venue's service provider by the following day. Therefore, the user is responsible for an incorrect payment. Unfortunately, Smartum customer service cannot guarantee cancellation or refund of payments.

If you haven’t added your phone number for the Smartum SMS payment, you can do it here.

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