News 31st of May 2022

The phone’s Opera browser prevents some of our Android users from signing in to SmartumPay. Please remove the browser (changing your default browser won’t fix the issue) and try signing in again. We're fixing the problem!

News 7th of April 2022

Logging in to SmartumPay is now even easier for all our users. There is no need to update the application, you can log in to the application directly with your online banking ID or mobile certificate. If you are already logged in to the app, this will not require any action from you. This update applies especially to Android users who use the OP mobile key, as Android users can now easily log in to SmartumPay with their OP IDs.


This article provides information for SmartumPlus users in case the SmartumPay login doesn’t work when using bank authentication or Mobile Certificate. Please note that SmartumPlus users can’t log in with Smartum credentials. If you'd like to know if you’re a SmartumPlus user or not, please check the email you received from Smartum.

Please also note that the alternative login methods are available if you’re using SmartumPay version 1.16.0 or newer. You can update the app version from App Store, Google Play Store or AppGallery.

Alternative login method:

  1. Open SmartumPay app or download it from App Store, Google Play Store or AppGallery.

  2. Click on the “Alternative login methods” link at the bottom of the starting screen.

  3. You’ll see two alternative login methods:

a. By using the login link you can log in to SmartumPay app with bank authentication or Mobile Certificate with your browser. This is worth trying even though your login didn’t work with bank authentication or Mobile Certificate before.

  1. Click on the Log in button. You will be directed to a page where you can use the alternative login.

  2. Click the “Kirjaudu” button and authenticate with your bank credentials or Mobile Certificate.

  3. Confirm login by clicking the “Vahvista kirjautuminen” button.

  4. You are now logged in to SmartumPay app.

b. QR code login is convenient if you have already the SmartumPlus benefit activation page that says “SmartumPlus työsuhde-edut ovat aktivoituneet ja käytössäsi!” (SmartumPlus benefits are now activated and ready for use) open on your computer. In this case, scan the page’s QR code with SmartumPay app’s QR scanner. If you don’t have the QR code ready, you can also sign in to to get the code.


You can read more information from this article: Employee: I can't log in to SmartumPay.

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