How can I edit my company’s settlement period, minimum settlement limit or settlement reference?

Smartum will pay the payments made to your company every weekday. If you do not change the settlement period or the minimum settlement limit, we will pay the settlements to your company every weekday. The default minimum settlement limit is 5 euros.

If you would like us to pay your company at longer intervals, you can edit the settlement period or minimum settlement limit of your venue via our web service. You can set one of the following as the settlement period:

  • every weekday

  • every Monday

  • every Monday and Thursday

  • the first Monday of each month.

You can edit the settlement period, minimum settlement limit and settlement reference as follows:

  1. Log into the web service using the venue manager’s or service provider manager’s credentials.

  2. If you have several user rights to the web service, select the venue for which you wish to edit the information from the drop-down menu on the left.

  3. As a venue manager, click on ‘Venue management’ in the menu on the left. As a service provider manager, select ‘Venues’from the menu.

  4. Move to section ‘Settlement information’, select the desired settlement period from the drop-down menu and enter the new minimum settlement limit. Add settlement reference or settlement message.

  5. Save the changes you made by clicking on ‘Save information’ at the bottom of the page.

We will send you a settlement statement by email in connection with the settlement. In our web service, you can also view settlement reports in the roles of service provider manager and accountant.

Please note that you cannot edit the period for voucher settlements.

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