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Partner: How do I add a new venue to my company?
Partner: How do I add a new venue to my company?

In this article we tell you how to add a new venue to your company in Smartum’s online service.

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How do I add a new venue to my company?

When your company opens a new venue, you should add it to Smartum's online service so that you can receive Smartum payments in your new venue, and potential customers can find it in Smartum's venue search and in the SmartumPay application. You can add your new venue in Smartum's online service.

Here's how to add a new venue:

1. Log in to the online service by using the service provider manager IDs.

2. Go to the “Venue List ” section of the side menu. You will see a list of your venues on the screen, and a “Add new venue” button above them.

3. Click “Add new venue”.

4. Fill in the information of the new venue carefully.

5. Finally, save the information by clicking the “Save the information” button at the bottom of the page.

6. Wait for us to add your new venue to the network. We aim to process these additions as quickly as possible. The processing takes a maximum of 14 days. A venue has been added to the network when an administrator designated for your new venue receives an email from us with the subject “You have been added a new role”.

7. You can start receiving Smartum payments at your new venue as soon as the administrator of the new venue you added has received an email confirmation that the new role has been added.

After processing, we will send the material package to your company's new venue by post. The package includes e.g. marketing material and settlement forms for banknote settlements.

If you added a new venue accidentally or want to edit the names of existing venues, please contact our customer service.

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