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Employee: I can't log in to SmartumPay
Employee: I can't log in to SmartumPay

Did you encounter a problem when logging in to SmartumPay? Check out the tips for different situations!

Written by Smartum Järjestelmät
Updated over a week ago

News 31st of May 2022

The phone’s Opera browser prevents some of our Android users from signing in to SmartumPay. Please remove the browser (changing your default browser won’t fix the issue) and try signing in again. We're fixing the problem!

News 7th of April 2022

Logging in to SmartumPay is now even easier for all our users. There is no need to update the application, you can log in to the application directly with your Smartum ID, online banking ID or mobile certificate. If you are already logged in to the app, this will not require any action from you.

This update applies especially to Android users who use the OP mobile key, as Android users can now easily log in to SmartumPay with their OP IDs.


You can log in to SmartumPay application with either your own Smartum IDs, online banking IDs or a mobile Certificate. If you are a SmartumPlus customer, you can only log in to the application with online bank IDs or a mobile certificate.

Some phone models and software (especially Android) and online bank IDs from some banks can sometimes cause issues during login.

For example, you may see a “Something went wrong” -message or the application may indicate that your browser is having problems with the cookies. On certain Samsung phone models, the application may “crash” during the authentication phase. We're constantly researching how we can fix issues with updates, but these instructions can also help to resolve issues. In the event of a failure, you should always first check that you have the latest version of the application.

Tips for different situations:

Error message “Ups! Something went wrong”

You can try the following steps. Each of them may in itself help:

  • Restart the device.

  • Update the device software.

  • Check that you have updated SmartumPay application and the web browser.

  • Set Google Chrome as your default browser and disable your device's default browser
    - Install Google Chrome from your app store. To set Chrome as the default browser on your Android phone, go to Settings --> Applications --> click Chrome --> Set as Default.
    - To disable the default browser on Android phones, go to Settings --> Applications --> Choose Default Browser --> Disable (some phone models use the device's own browser disable).
    - Also clear your cache and check your browser's cookie settings --> cookies must be turned on.

  • Set Opera mini as the default browser and disable the device's default browser.
    - Install Opera mini from your app store. To make Opera mini the default browser on your Android phone, go to Settings --> Applications --> click Opera mini --> set as default (the browser must be disabled).
    - Also clear the cache and check your browser's cookie settings --> cookies must be enabled.

  • Check that the phone time is not set manually. Sometimes the problem is cleared by automatic time setting.

  • If possible, test whether the login works with another bank's online banking credentials.

  • Try signing in with Mozilla Firefox.

  • Try logging in with online banking IDs directly instead of mobile key: username, password + key number pair of key number list.

Device / browser-specific instructions for setting cookies:

Enabling / disabling cookies in Google Chrome:

Enabling / disabling cookies in Samsung's own browser:


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