1. Open SmartumPay and swipe down from the white line on top of the app or press “Show saldos”. You can now see the saldos available to you.

  2. Swipe left until you reach the OwnWallet view. In the OwnWallet view, you can add money to your OwnWallet by tapping on the “Add money” icon.

  3. You can add money to your OwnWallet directly via the “You have been added deductible saldo!” notification by tapping on the “Add money now” button.

  4. In the overview, you can see which benefit requires money to be transferred to the OwnWallet, and how much.

  5. You can add money via the “Authenticate yourself” button, which will take you to the browser. In the browser, you need to verify your identity through online banking codes or a with a mobile certificate.

  6. Enter the sum you wish to transfer. Please note! The minimum transfer sum is €20, while the maximum is €500. You do not have to add all your deductibles at the same time; you can also add it gradually. Tap ‘Vahvista’ to go to the Paytrail website. Please note! The transfer cannot be cancelled if you have finished it. The transferred sum cannot be returned.

  7. Re-verify your identity by logging into your online bank.

    When the payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation of a successful transfer. You can now go back to SmartumPay.

  8. You can now look at your saldos and make payments with any saldo with deductible. The deductible will always be charged from your OwnWallet if you pay with benefits with deductible. If the OwnWallet balance is insufficient, the app will ask you to add more money to the OwnWallet. You can see your OwnWallet balance via the OwnWallet view.


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