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Partner: How do I add Smartum as a payment method to my online store or website?
Partner: How do I add Smartum as a payment method to my online store or website?
Written by Smartum Järjestelmät
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Setting up Smartum online payment is easy and does not require complicated changes to your website. Add Smartum as a payment method to your online store or website and start receiving Smartum online payments!

You can find instructions on how to add Smartum online payment to your payment method selection on this article. Technical instructions for the developer of your website can be found here.

Note! You can also easily add the Smartum online payment method to the e-commerce platform. If your company uses WiseGym, Liveto, Hellewi, Tix or online store platform, you can add Smartum online payment method easily by contacting the provider of the ecommerce platform.

How to add Smartum online payment to your website or online store

1. Read more about the payment method

With Smartum online payment your customers can make purchases directly from your online store or website. Follow these instructions to set up the online payment on your website.

2. To the developer

Technical documentation

Contact your website developer to add the online payment method. Everything needed to set up the Smartum online payments can be found here.

Online test store

After you have done all the steps needed you can test the implementation in practice.

Use Smartum demo online store.

Login info


Password: sagapo

We recommend making payments with amount of € 0,01 when testing.

3. Test payments in your environment

Once your developer has coded the integration to the online store or website, you can test the payment method in Smartum staging environment. Information about the staging environment for testing can be found here.

Login info


Password: sagapo

Use a test venue that matches your industry. Test venue code depends on the industry:

Exercise --> ven_p86yX97hw74W5Njq

Culture --> ven_K041DeMhnVKDr3ae

Lunch --> ven_Je31XBbhQAWZXjpL

Massage --> ven_VeGQ5JbhA7nz5mr4

Commute --> ven_YnM15R9h8mdKljqQ

Once payments are working in the test environment proceed to the next section.

4. Get the venue_id for production from Smartum online service

After setting up the online payment method to your website, get the venue_id for production from Smartum online service. This will open the Smartum payment interface and connect the payments to your Smartum account. Log in to Smartum online service as a service provider manager.

You can find the venue_id from the “Online payment” section. If your company has multiple venues and only one online store through which you can buy services, we recommend that you create a new venue for the online store. This makes the tracking of the payments easier. Create a new venue by using these instructions.

5. Add a card payment option so your customer can pay part of the purchase with a debit or credit card Check this section if you want to offer your customers the option to pay part of the purchase with Smartum benefits and the rest with a debit or credit card. The split payment feature is done through the Stripe payment intermediation service:

  1. Create a Stripe account to accept payments.

  2. Connect your Stripe account to your Smartum Stripe account by using the links provided below.

  3. Once the service is activated, you will receive your Stripe ID for testing and production use. Save these and provide these to your developer.

Connecting accounts:

Connect Stripe test account:

Connect Stripe production account:

Test the general interface in Smartum demo online store:

Test the payments using these credentials:


Password: sagapo

Test card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242

CVC: Any three digits

Expiry date: Any future date


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