You can instruct customers to make a payment remotely using SmartumPay. When the customer pays with the app, you will receive a receipt for the payment to your email. The receipt shows the name of the payer, the amount, the details of the branch and the date and time when the payment was made. At the time of payment, the customer may also write a message which will appear on the receipt. The customer may present a receipt for their application as proof of payment at checkout when redeeming the service.

Here's how to easily receive payments:

1. Agree to redeem the service remotely with the customer. If you would like to receive a payment message, notify the customer of the desired message. Tell the customer the name and address of your venue on Smartum's system so that the user can find the right venue in the application, even if it's not nearby. Also tell the customer the price of the service.

2. Once the customer has made the payment with their application, you will receive a receipt for the payment by email.

3. Check the receipt to ensure that the amount paid and the venue details are correct.

Smartum will automatically make payments to your account every business day.

If the payment sum is incorrect, you can cancel it within the same day by logging in to Smartum's online service with your username. You will also keep track of payments through the online service.


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