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Partner: How do I receive payments made with SmartumPay?
Partner: How do I receive payments made with SmartumPay?
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To receive SmartumPay payments:

1. When a customer has made a payment, they will show the payment receipt on their phone screen.

• Check the receipt and make sure that the paid amount and the name and address of the venue are correct.

• In the upper corner of the receipt, you can see the payment date and time.

• The animation on the receipt moves for 30 minutes after the payment is created but the receipt is also valid after that.

2. By tapping the receipt, the review section opens and the payment can be marked as checked. The status of the receipt and review section changes to "checked". This ensures that only one service is redeemed with the receipt.

3. Enter the amount on the receipt to your register. Any exceeding amount will be charged as usual with another payment method.

If the payment is incorrect, you can cancel it by logging in to the Smartum online service at with your user IDs. The payment can only be canceled within the same day when the payment has been made.

For information on how to receive remote payments with SmartumPay, please refer to this article.

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