What is SmartumPay?

SmartumPay is a free mobile application for employees using electronic Smartum Saldo benefits. With SmartumPay, employees can pay effortlessly with their fringe benefits and also check their saldo straight from their phones. The app is now up for downloading in app stores (AppStore, Google Play Store and AppGallery).

You can find more information on how to start using SmartumPay here.

How do I log in to SmartumPay?

Login to the app by using either your own Smartum username (your email address), online banking codes or mobile certificate.

Username is your email address. If you can't remember your password, you can reset it in the login page. You will receive a link in your email, where you can set a password for yourself. If your email address is no longer in use, the service will direct you to a strong login to change your password. In order to sign up for SmartumPay, you must have access to Smartum electronic benefits. If you can't see the benefits after a successful login, the reason may be that the benefits have not yet been updated or the benefits have expired.

SmartumPlus customers can log in to SmartumPay only with online banking codes or with mobile certificate.

What should I do if I don't have a smartphone or don't want to download the app?

There are also other ways to use Smartum electronic benefits without a smartphone. You can find more information and instructions from here!

When accepting Visa cards ended?

Possibility to use Visa card has ended 31st of December 2020.

What can I do if my favorite venue does not accept SmartumPay?

Because accepting Visa cards has ended, SmartumPay is excepted to work in every venue.

We would love to hear, which venue has not expected SmartumPay. This way we can be in touch with the venue by ourself! You can send your feedback to kumppanit@smartum.fi.


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