In Smartum's online service, you can easily view the payments paid to your company. While logged in as Service provider manager you're able to find the reporting section under the name Dashboard in our online service in the left main menu. If you have multiple user roles, you can change the client you use from the drop-down menu on the left. Select the correct customer and the user role “Service provider manager” will appear in the menu shown below. After selecting the user role, click on the Dashboard section in the main menu on the left.

In the Dashboard section, you will find the total amount credited to your company, the distribution of received payment methods, venue-spesific information on the total amounts of settlements, and a set of accounts for your entire company.

There are branches specified in the settlement compilation, so it is possible to view the settlements of different branches from the same report. All data can be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets by clicking the download symbol in the upper right corner of each section.

If you need information about the settlements made for your company for accounting purposes, first select the desired time period in the upper right corner. Once you've defined a date range, the tool will automatically download billing information for the selected date range.

In the lower section (Service Provider Billings general) you can download information about the settlements of your entire company at the selected time. Once downloaded, you will be able to open an Excel spreadsheet on your computer showing the accounts for your various locations. You can filter the data in the table in the order you want. In addition, you can view the payment methods billed by location and see the share of the service fee and VAT in the billing.

We'll continue to send the email billing statements, but you can view your company's settlements using our reporting tool on our online service. You can also download the information to your computer as needed.

If you want to view individual payments, you can check them in the Billing History and Card Payments sections.

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