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Massage partner: Accepting payments and settlements
Massage partner: Accepting payments and settlements
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Accepting SmartumPay mobile payments

SmartumPay is a mobile payment application, which allows customers to pay for services effortlessly. The customer can use ”Quick payment”, and choose the place of business where they want to make the payment. The customer will first enter the cost of their massage or physiotherapy and then verify the payment. They will show the receipt from their smartphone screen to the cashier, who will check the confirmation of the payment transaction.

We recommend that you check the charged amount, the name of the office and the address from the receipt. You can see when your customer’s payment has been made from the top corner of the receipt. The animation in the receipt will move for 30 minutes after the payment is completed, however, the receipt will be valid also after the movement stops.

By clicking the receipt you will get to the review section, where the payment can be marked as checked. The status of the receipt and review section will change to ”Checked”. This ensures that only one service is redeemed with the receipt. The payment is registered into your cash register with the amount that is stated on the receipt.

QR payment has been removed from the SmartumPay application and payments are currently only made with express payment.

SmartumPay payment settlements

Smartum will settle SmartumPay payments within the period you have requested. The minimum amount is €5, and charges will be deducted from the amount in accordance with the price list. You can modify the minimum settlement amount in the Smartum online service. Please go to your Smartum online service for a summary of the payments made.

Accepting Smartum SMS payments

With the Smartum SMS payment method, your customers can make payments easily and securely.

The customer checks the venue SMS payment ID at the cash register of the venue. You can find the venue SMS payment ID of your venue in the service provider's online service. In order to make a payment to your venue, the customer enters the venue SMS payment ID and the amount to be paid to the text message field. The text message should be entered in the form “venue SMS payment ID AND AMOUNT”, for example NM4G5 19,90. In order to make a payment the customer sends this message to Smartum’s official text message payment number +358 45 739 60755. After the payment has been verified by Smartum, the customer receives a payment receipt from the same number as a return text message. The customer then shows this receipt text message from their mobile phone screen to the cashier. The cashier checks the receipt from the customer’s phone screen and determines that the payment is true. On the receipt, cashiers should check the amount paid as well as the venue information, the name of the payer, the date and time of the payment, and the number from which the text message receipt was received. The upper corner of the receipt shows when the payment has been made. The cashier registers the payment into your cash register with the amount that is stated on the receipt.

If the customer has made a payment that is flawed, it can be canceled via Smartum online service.


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