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Partner: Viewing Reporting in an Online Service
Partner: Viewing Reporting in an Online Service
Written by Smartum Järjestelmät
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Via Smartum’s web service, you can easily view settlements paid to your company and download reports as Excel and PDF files. You can find the settlement reports in our web service via the main menu on the left-hand side, under ‘Settlement report’. You can view reports in the role of service provider manager and accountant. If you have several user roles, you can switch roles via the drop-down menu on the left. Select the correct account. The menu below will show the roles available. After selecting the user role, click on the ‘Settlement report’ section in the main menu on the left.

Under the ‘View report’ title in the ‘Settlement report’ section, you can find the total sum paid to your company, the distribution of the payment instruments received, venue-specific information on the total settlement sums and a compilation of settlements for your entire company. You can search settlements by date range, payment reference, venue, product code and settlement ID. The compilation of settlements is itemised by venue, which allows you to view the settlements of each venue on the same report. You can download all data as Excel tables by clicking on the download symbol in the upper right-hand corner of each section.

If you need information about the settlements paid to your company for accounting purposes, for example, first select the desired period and other search criteria in the upper right-hand corner. Once you have defined the period to be viewed, the tool will automatically load the settlement information for the period selected. Via the bottom section (Service Provider Billings general), you can download information about the settlements of your entire company during the selected period. After downloading, you can open the settlements in a Excel table on your computer. Filter the information in the table in the order you want. You can view the payment instruments used by venue and view the proportion the service fee and valued-added tax account for of the settlement.

Under the ‘Print PDF’ title in the ‘Settlement report’ section, you can download settlements that match the desired search criteria in PDF format. You can place settlements on the report by period, product code, payment reference, settlement ID and venue. After selecting the desired criteria, download the file by clicking on ‘Print PDF’.

We will continue to send settlement reports by email. If you would like to view individual payments, you can check them in the web service, in the ‘Transactions history’ section.

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