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Partner: Payment settlements
Partner: Payment settlements
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SmartumPay mobile payments

Smartum will settle SmartumPay payments within the period you have requested. The minimum amount is €5, and charges will be deducted from the amount in accordance with the price list. You can modify the minimum settlement amount in the Smartum online service. Please go to your Smartum online service for a summary of the payments made.


Smartum Ltd settles received vouchers twice a week. We settle the value of the vouchers, reduced by the service fee, to the bank account you have provided. The settlement will deduct the costs according to the price list.

Our system defaults to using reference number 2464 for settlements. If you prefer to have your own reference or message for the settlement, please indicate it in the designated field for the reference number on the settlement form.

Validity period of vouchers: Vouchers expire on the last day of the year. After the expiration of the voucher's usage period, the partner has one month to submit expired vouchers to Smartum. The vouchers must arrive at our office no later than January 31 of the following year if they have expired on the last day of the previous year. Smartum does not settle expired vouchers after January 31.

Mail the vouchers with the completed settlement form to Smartum Ltd, Yrjönkatu 11 B, 00120 Helsinki. Ensure that there are enough postage stamps on the envelope to ensure its delivery. The post office will not deliver letters to us if the postage stamps do not cover the postage cost. Vouchers can also be delivered in person to the mailbox at our office at the same address. When delivering vouchers to Smartum's office, you will find a designated mailbox for them at our main entrance, where you can drop the envelope. The slot can accommodate an envelope of about 3 cm thickness. Remember to include the completed settlement form.

Any remarks related to settlements must be made within 14 business days from the payment date.

Read more detailed instructions for voucher settlements here.

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