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We have listed a few tips and instructions on how to accept different payment instruments and settle payments

• Put Smartum stickers on the door and the cash desk.

• Place the cash mat and Smartum processing instructions at the cash desk.

• Check the Smartum venue search for information on your sales point.

• Add the Smartum logo to your website. You can find the logo at

The Smartum Exercise benefit and the Smartum Exercise and culture benefit are tax-free benefits. They can only be used to pay for services in the scope of the exercise and culture benefit. The Smartum Exercise benefit and the Smartum Exercise and culture benefit are personal benefits and they can only be used by the individual for whom they were granted. If and when necessary, check the identity of the customer. Smartum-maksuvälineillä suoritettuja maksuja ei voi vaihtaa rahaksi eikä niistä anneta vaihtorahaa. Payments made with Smartum payment instruments cannot be exchanged for cash and no change is given. No extra fees may be charged from the customer when paying with a Smartum payment instrument. A customer can pay the purchase price, in whole or in part, using a Smartum payment instrument, however not exceeding the balance on one’s account.

You can check the payments made with electronic Smartum payment methods in the Smartum online service. We have sent the login details to you via email.

Accepting SmartumPay mobile payments

SmartumPay is a new mobile payment application, which allows customers to pay for services effortlessly. The customer can use ”Quick payment” and choose the place of business where they want to make the payment. The customer will first enter the cost of chosen service and then verify the payment. They will show the receipt from their smartphone screen to the cashier, who will check the confirmation of the payment transaction.

We recommend that you check the charged amount, the name of the venue and the address from the receipt. You can see when your customer’s payment has been made from the top corner of the receipt. The animation in the receipt will move for 30 minutes after the payment is completed, however, the receipt will be valid also after the movement stops. By clicking the receipt you will get to the review section, where the payment can be marked as checked. The status of the receipt and review section will change to ”Checked”. This ensures that only one service is redeemed with the receipt. The payment is registered into your cash register with the amount that is stated on the receipt.

If your customer’s payment made with the application is flawed, it can be canceled via Smartum online service.

If you wish, Smartum settles SmartumPay payments every business day. The minimum amount is €5, and a service fee will be deducted from the amount in accordance with the price list. You can modify the minimum settlement amount in the Smartum online service. Please go to your Smartum online service for a summary of the payments made.

Accepting online payments

If your services can be purchased in an online store, you can add Smartum as a payment method alongside other online banking payment methods. Read more.

Accepting vouchers

A Smartum exercise voucher can only be used to pay for an exercise session in a venue that has an agreement with Smartum. An Exercise voucher is always worth €4.00. A Smartum exercise and culture voucher can only be used to pay for the services of a culture and exercise facility that has an agreement with Smartum. An Exercise and culture voucher is always worth €5.00. No extra fees may be charged from the customer when paying with a Smartum voucher. Customers can use other payment method to pay the excess amount. Smartum vouchers can be used to pay for discounted goods. You can ask for the person paying with a voucher to present their ID and check it against the name indicated on the back of the voucher.

• Please check that the voucher is intact and authentic, and that it has not been marked as used. The ways of identifying an authentic voucher that is printed on watermarked paper include checking the consecutive serial number and looking at the voucher against a light source. Smartum will only pay for authentic vouchers

• Please remember to check the validity of the voucher, because the customer cannot use an expired voucher to pay for services.

Settling vouchers

• Smartum makes voucher settlements twice a week, and the money is transferred to your account. We pay the value of the voucher, from which a service fee is deducted, to the bank account you have entered into the Smartum online service during registration. The maximum settlement period according to the contract is 14 days.

• The default reference number our system uses for settlements is 2464. If you wish to provide us with a reference number/ message of your own, please write it down on the settlement form in the space allocated to the reference number.

• Validity of the vouchers: You have one month to deliver the vouchers to Smartum after their date of expiry. We will not settle payments for expired vouchers after this.

• If you have any comments regarding settlements, you must make them within 14 weekdays of the date of payment.

Handling and mailing vouchers

• Separate the vouchers from each other.

• Please do not staple, glue or tape the vouchers together. Do not place anything between the vouchers.

• Stack all the vouchers so that the same side faces up and bind them together using for example a rubber band.

• The serial numbers on the vouchers must be visible.

• Please take care to fill in the correct information on the form. Also make sure that

your customer number is on the form. The person who fills in the form is responsible for the accuracy of the information.

• If the form is preprinted, please do not write on the preprinted information. If there are any mistakes in the preprinted information, please contact our customer service, and we will send you an amended version.

• Tick the box at the bottom if you require more settlement forms.

• Send the top page with the vouchers, and keep the bottom page as your copy.

• Only use forms sent by Smartum or printed from our website.

• If you accept both Smartum Exercise vouchers and Smartum Exercise and culture vouchers, please indicate the number of vouchers for each voucher type on the settling form.

• Smartum cannot be held liable for any deliveries lost by the postal service. We recommend a registered letter or insured mailing by your own expence. The postal address is Smartum Oy, Yrjonkatu 11 B, 00120 Helsinki. If you do this, here is a phone number you can add: 0600 149 88.

• If you are submitting both Exercise vouchers and Exercise and culture vouchers for settlement, you can post them in a single envelope, but please divide them into separate bundles. Please do not place more than 800 vouchers in one envelope.

• Vouchers that expire in the end of the year (31.12.) must be delivered to Smartum so that they arrive at the office 31.1. next year at the latest. This means that the vouchers that expire in the end of 2021, must be at the office on the 31st of January 2022 at the latest.


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