Delivery methods

You can choose the payment method when placing the order:

  • Advance invoice: the order is paid in advance and delivered as a registered letter once Smartum has registered the payment. The delivery will be mailed as a registered letter if the order is between 1-30 booklets. Orders with over 30 booklets will be sent as an Express package. In this case the order is delivered to the customers office within the next working day between 8-16. It is also possible to request an invoice to your e-mail immediately after the placement of the order. An administration fee of €25 (+ VAT 24 %) will be added to the order.

  • Cash on delivery: the payment is made when the item is collected from the post office. An administration fee of €30.00 (+ VAT 24 %) will be added to the order. With cash on delivery, the maximum order is €2,000. Non-collection of an item is subject to a €15 (+ VAT 24 %) charge.

Personalised vouchers

The personalised vouchers can no longer be ordered, as we have stopped selling them in autumn 2021.


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