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Employer: switching from Visa card to SmartumPay
Employer: switching from Visa card to SmartumPay
Smartum payment cards are going to be replaced by SmartumPay mobile app. Please check our FAQ's of the transferration below!
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What is SmartumPay?

SmartumPay is a free of charge mobile application available for those using electronic Smartum saldo benefits. If you are offering Smartum's electronic benefits to your employees already, they can start using SmartumPay right away! The app is available for download in AppStore, Google Play Store and AppGallery.

You can get more information on SmartumPay here.

Why accepting card payments has ended?

Paying with mobile devices is getting more and more common. Paying with SmartumPay is hassle free and leaves more time for people to actually enjoy their benefits, when the payment is done effortlessly.

With SmartumPay, fringe benefits are always at your hand. In addition to effortless paying, employees can check their saldo and its expiration date straight from their phones. Employers will save on expenses (and time!), when you don't have to worry about managing cards, cards gone missing or ordering new ones.

Our long-standing employees use the Smartum card. Can I order cards to our new employees anymore?

Accepting card payments has ended entirely and paying has transferred to SmartumPay-mobile application.

What can I do if our employees don't own a smartuphone or don't want to download SmartumPay?

There are also other ways to use Smartum electronic benefits without a smartphone. You can share this information and instructions to your employees if needed.

More and more services provided by the society and the employers are transitioning to be used with mobile devices, so a modern employee can already expect positive attitude towards digital services. However, the employers can also order Smartum benefits in the form of traditional benefit vouchers, if using mobile devices or downloading the app is not possible yet.


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