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Employer: How can I order Smartum benefits (Saldo) for my employees?
Employer: How can I order Smartum benefits (Saldo) for my employees?

Here you can find the instructions to order Smartum benefits (saldo) for your company's employees. It is easy and simple!

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Ordering Smartum benefits (saldo) through online service

If you are ordering our benefits for the first time, you can easily place your order directly through our new customer order service.

If you have previously ordered Smartum benefits, you can easily place a new order directly on the online service. This support article deals with such orders.

Log in and click the left-side menu "Order Saldo".

Creating an order

In the first section, "Start an Order", you will be able to name the order. It is a good idea to choose the order name in a way that allows for you and your employees to identify what the order is about (for example, month, year, season, and/or benefit type).

You have two options for creating an order: creating a new order or copying an existing order along with the employee list. In practice, it is almost always worthwhile to create a new order, as copying means that everything is copied, including the employees involved in the order.

So if you just want to subscribe to the same benefits as before, but to collect the employee list again, do not copy the order but create a new one. The employer does not have to provide the employees' information to the order, but the information is collected conveniently via the enrollment service.

After creating the list, the service will ask you to fill out the basic information for your


Specify a suitable subscription period (start and end date) for your employers to enroll in the benefit. The registration time affects the functionality of the registration link, ie defines the time period during which you expect employees to register to the benefit. After the subscription deadline, you can order the benefit to your employees, but you can also place an order earlier if you see that everyone has already signed up.

In the next step, "Recurring order", you can choose to have the same subscription repeated every month. This feature is not mandatory, but you can use this feature if you want to share the same amount of benefits every month. Typically, employers may use this to distribute lunch benefits on a monthly basis, whereas, for example, sports and cultural benefits are distributed less frequently, often twice a year.

If you opt for recurrence for the benefit, you will only need to visit online service to accept the subscription every month, and employees can customize their preference every month by logging in to online service. You can also choose the month in which the benefit will not be shared (for example, July, which is often a holiday month). If you do not want to use the recurrence feature, leave on the options "No recurring" and "No month".

The next step is to define the benefit package or packages you are offering. From the menu, select the type of benefit (eg exercise and culture saldo) and enter the amount of the benefit in euros. The amount of the benefit is the amount offered to each individual beneficiary (eg € 400 per person).

There can be several types of benefits within one benefit package: for example, one package could be just exercise saldo and the other one a combination of exercise and massage saldo. On the other hand, you can use the benefit packages to allow your employees to choose the amount of saldo while the type remains the same: for example, the employee can choose a lunch balance of $ 10x10.90 or $ 20x10.90, each of which would then be their own benefit package.

Once you have defined your benefit packages, you may wish to add additional questions to ask the employee for further information that you might need (eg employee ID number, first name, etc.).

If you want to get an answer pre-defined options rather than free text, you can separate the options with a semicolon (see picture below).

When the order is complete, select "Save the information". You can then check the details on the Summary page.

Sending the registration link to your employees

Next, you need to send the order registration link to the employees that you want to offer the benefit to. On the page "Summary of the order" you will find a sign-up link that you can copy and share with your employees, for example by sending an email or by placing a link on your intranet.

You can also find text on the Summary page that you can use as part of the email. Once the link is shared with employees, you just have to wait for employees to sign up through the link.

If your company has a new employee, the only way to get them on board your order is for them to sign up through this link. You can send this link regardless of whether

you are starting an order as a new order or copying an existing order.

When enrolling, employees will either sign in with their existing Smartum account details or be directed to create a new one. The benefits packages and additional questions you have created will appear on the sign-up page as follows:

Completing your order

You can track employee signups on the "Employees" tab of the order. From this page you can see all the employees who have enrolled in the benefit. When the enrollment period ends (or when you find that all employees are enrolled), you can still adjust the benefit amounts or deductibles, either for all employees or for an individual employee, as needed.

You can manually add employees who have previously received saldo benefits from your company. On this page you will find the Add employee button. New employees will only be added to the order list via the sign up link, meaning that it is not possible to select them in this view until they have first signed up.

When you're ready to complete your order, remember to either accept or reject each employee registration. You can do this step one by one or by selecting all employees at once. After you have processed the signups (approved / rejected), the Order saldo button will be activated and you can click on it to go to the final step of the order.

The Download list button allows you to download an excel spreadsheet of your beneficiaries, benefit numbers, and any deductibles you need to remember for the payroll.

We will issue an invoice for the order and the balance will be credited to the beneficiary's Smartum accounts after the payment on the order has been logged into our account (on the same day at 6pm).


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