If the vouchers are valid, you can use them. Also, if your new employer offers Smartum payment instruments, you are entitled to them regardless of the benefits offered by your previous employer.

If the employment ends, every employer will define, what is the company’s policy concerning the balance (saldo) loaded to the employee’s Smartum Saldo account: can the employee use the rest of the balance although the employment has ended or will the company close the employee’s Smartum Saldo account when the left-over balance will be returned back to the employer’s Saldo-account.

If your employer has so defined, any balance stored in your electronic Smartum account will remain in your account and you can use it even if you have a new employer. If your new employer offers you electronic Smartum benefits, you will be issued a new card. You can destroy your old card once there is no balance left. Benefits offered by each employer are stored on separate cards. If you still have balance on your old card, you can go ahead and use it. The card is employer-specific, but the account is personal. Your new benefits will be stored in your personal Smartum account. Both your old and new benefits will now be in the same account.

Electronic Smartum benefits have a limited validity period. If they wish, employers may change the validity period while the benefit is valid, and they may also close the account. Any contributions made by employees at the time the benefit was offered are not refunded to the employees, and employees must accept that employers have no obligation to refund the contribution.


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