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Employee: How can I edit the enrollment of the recurring order?
Employee: How can I edit the enrollment of the recurring order?

In this article you can find the instructions how to cancel or delete recurring benefits, such as lunch or massage benefits.

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  • Note! If your company uses SmartumPlus benefits instead of traditional Smartum benefits (saldo/vouchers), you can read the instructions for this type of benefit from here. If you are unsure what kind of benefits your company has, you can check this in SmartumPay application. Just click "Saldos": if you see a text "SmartumPlus", you now that you have SmartumPlus benefits. You can always ask more information from your employer.

Recurring benefits (for example lunch or massage benefits) are shared to employees monthly. If your employer offers multiple different kind of benefit options to choose from, you can edit the enrollments for benefit for the following month.

  1. Sign in to our online service. Check the top left corner: make sure that you have Employee role.

  2. Choose "Subscriptions" from the left-hand side.

  3. Now you are seeing the list of your subscriptions. If you see a picture of a pen on the right-hand side of the benefit, you can edit this benefit for the next month. If you are not seeing the pen, it means, that this benefit has already been ordered and the order for the next month is not ready to be edited. In this case, please come back later to edit the benefit.

  4. By clicking the pen, you can edit your choice for the next order. You can also choose to skip the benefit for the time being. Your choice remains the same until you come back to edit the benefit again. Remember to press "Save the information" after you have chosen the option you want.

  5. Note! If you choose "Delete" from the left-hand side of the benefit, you will remove yourself completely from the order, and the benefit is no longer in your use. If you did this by accident, please contact your employer, who can add you back to the order.

SmartumPlus: How can I edit the enrollment of the recurring order?

If your company uses Plus benefits, you don't have to enroll for benefit orders and therefore editing the enrollment for recurring orders is not possible. With Plus benefits, the employer gives you an access right to certain amount of benefit, and the benefit is invoiced by use.

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