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Beneficiary: How do I pay with the SmartumPay application?
Beneficiary: How do I pay with the SmartumPay application?
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If your employer provides you with the electronic Smartum benefits, you can use the SmartumPay application for payments, depending on the venue.

How to pay with SmartumPay:

1. Log in to the SmartumPay application.

You can download it from App Store, Google Play Store or AppGallery. You can log in by using either your own Smartum username (with password), online banking codes or Mobile certificate. If your company has SmartumPlus benefits, you can only log in with online banking codes or with mobile certificate.

2. Find the venue where you want to make a payment.

• Press the orange red "Search" button and search the right venue.

• If you wish, you can allow the feature ”Show nearest first” . Swipe the button ”Show nearest first” to the right and give the app an access to your venue.

• If the venue accepts payments with different benefits, choose the benefit / venue you want to use.

• If you are at the cash register of the venue, please read the following instructions below. If you want to make a remote payment, read this article.

3. Enter the amount to be paid and continue.

4. If you have more than one type of saldo, you can select which saldo you want to use by swiping the saldo type shown above the payment leader to the left. Before confirming your payment, check that the displayed amount is right.

5. Confirm your payment by swiping and show the payment receipt at the register.

If the cashier asks you to display the QR code, you can find it in the e-receipt when you press the “Check” button. Note! When visiting an R-kiosk, make sure you have selected the correct balance on the payment confirmation page before confirming the payment!

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